5 things that make your kitchen tiles look better then painted walls

To avoid the additional cost and the efforts in choosing apt tiles, we make a hasty decision of having painted walls. But one must understand that they thought are an easy option but do not look good and quite attractive.  Painted walls are very dull in comparison to the kitchen wall tiles and kitchen floor tiles, not only this but they are also in trend and matching with the current and ongoing trend is a must while you are renovating your kitchen.


Kitchen wall tiles have many perks and benefits than the normal painted walls, not only this but with the professionals help you can also get them installed easily. But one has to focus on the durability and cleanliness more than the design and color of your kitchen wall tiles.

Why are cheap wall tiles better than painted walls?

Here are few of the key reasons:
  • Easy to clean – stains and spills are a part of kitchen, and cleaning them is very tough if you do not have wall tiles, they are easy to maintain all you need is a simple water wash regularly, hard blemishes and stains can be really hectic to clean and if you use good quality tiles then cleaning is smoother than cake walk.
  • Everlasting in nature – unlike painted walls, tiles do not peel off they are durable in nature and have a very shining effect as well. Painted wall’s color fade as well, they look dull and unpleasant. Kitchen wall tiles give a very glossy and luxurious look to your house. They are not only cost effective but also have a long lasting effect and add value to your property.
  • Versatility – kitchen wall tiles and kitchen floor tiles have n number of options of designs and colors, unlike paints choosing artistic designs in paints have very limited options. So according to your lifestyle and house interior design you can pick up the choice of design you want with kitchen tiles easily.
  • Creative with visualized colors – polished tiles and vibrant colors of tiles make them even more desirable. To make your tile look more adorable choose visualized colors of kitchen wall tiles is a must. They add value to the kitchens look and aesthetics.
  • Budget – now the tiles have so many varied qualities that you can literally pick up the best choice at the minimal rate of painted walls, so at the same rate, you can get good looking tiles installed at your place with the help of professionals.
  • Add value – the property value automatically increases if the house is well furnished, so if you have kitchen wall tiles or kitchen floor tiles instead of painted walls the value increases automatically.

Not only these but kitchen tiles are any day better than normal walls because of n number of other reasons, you can have them in your kitchen, remember that if you want to give a certain look to your house which makes your house look classy and rich than giving utmost importance to every room is important including kitchen, so choosing kitchen tiles over painted walls is a must.

So instead of dull and temporary paint walls use vibrant and long lasting colors and designs of kitchen tiles.

As tiles can be a suitable option for almost every room and their wide range of variety offers you multiple options they are the best when it comes to home décor, search online and go through multiple designs and options and be your own interior designer.